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"Damn good music" - Planet Hugill

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"A beautiful & groundbreaking fusion of tone,

technique and relevance." - Dawkes Music Blog

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Our planet is dying. Not a day goes by without a news report on events that are occurring as a result of the climate catastrophe. Weather patterns are changing, glaciers are melting, wildfires are breaking out, and we are in the grip of a global pandemic. All of these are unquestionably interlinked, and no sane person questions whether climate change is real. The only questions are how long we can survive its effects and how long we have to act before it is too late to prevent irreversible changes.


Politicians continue to pay lip service to the climate emergency but have failed to implement any real change or set ambitious targets. Profits and self-interest continue to be at the heart of both government and business; until we see a global change in our political systems, this will continue to prevent any real progress towards a sustainable economy.


Our daily choices can either catalyse positive change in the world or continue to engrain the current failing system. Businesses respond to consumer demand, so if we stop buying plastic, turn away from fast fashion and reduce (or better still, eliminate) meat and dairy consumption, then businesses will have no choice but to respond – this is already becoming evident on our high streets. We can all play our part by reducing our travel, choosing green energy suppliers and shopping locally. In addition, we must vote for politicians who have a real desire to halt climate change rather than making empty promises and shirking their responsibilities.


This EP reflects on the climate emergency we are living through and the changes we must make to prevent the end of life on earth. In the words of Greta Thunberg, “Our house is on fire,” so we must do everything we can to halt and reverse this disaster.

50% of proceeds from the album will be donated to two highly impactful environmental charities: Clean Air Task Force and Coalition for Rainforest Nations

All videos for the project created by Tom Gimson.

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