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All of the facts given in the videos are based on scientific studies. References for these are given below.


Do you hear me?:


"Emissions from fossil fuels are the dominant cause of climate change." [1]

"89% of global CO2 emissions coming from fossil fuels and industry” [1]

“Greenhouse gas emissions have risen by 70% since pre-industrial times” [2]

“These levels continue to rise every year” [3] [4]

Website text:

"Worse still, governments subsidise these activities, (to the tune of $20bn/year in the USA and $55bn/year in the EU), perpetuating the release of harmful emissions by these businesses." [5]

Our House is on Fire:


“Every year an area of forest equivalent to the size of the UK is destroyed” [6] [7]

“If we continue destroying forests at the current rate then in 100 years there will be none left” [8] [9]

“Up to 28,000 species could become extinct in the next 25 years if we continue destroying their habitats" [9] [10]

"Our reliance on burning fossil fuels is the biggest contributor to the climate crisis" [11] [12]

“There is now more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than at any time during human history” [13] [14]

“The last time carbon dioxide levels were this high was more than a million years ago, when sea levels were several metres higher and trees grew at the south pole” [14]

"If we do not act now the damage to our planet will be irreversible and could lead to the end of life on earth" [15]

Website text:

"Writing this in October 2020, California is ablaze, with a record 3.9 million acres of land burned this year" [16]

"Well over 2 million acres of this tropical rainforest [Amazon Rainforest] were destroyed in 2019" [17]

Ignorant Complicity:


"The easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint is to stop eating meat" [18]

""Livestock farming accounts for about 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions, which is greater than all modes of transport combined" [19] [20]

"Reducing your meat intake by half would reduce your personal carbon footprint by 40%" [21] [22]

""Every six seconds an acre of forest is cut down for cattle farming" [23] [24] [25]

"It takes over 10 times more fossil fuel to create one calorie of food from an animal than it does from a plant" [26] [27]

"In the US 70% of grain produced is fed to animals" [28] [29]

"The number of calories eaten by cattle is greater than that needed to feed every human in the world" [30]

Website text:

"1.1 billion land animals are killed for food every year in the UK alone...Add to this nearly 900 million fish and 4.3 billion shellfish, and the total comes to over 6.4 billion animals killed for food every year in the UK."[31]

"Cows produce large volumes of methane – a greenhouse gas that is 25 times as potent as carbon dioxide." [32]

"Over 70% of the world's soy is fed to livestock, with only around 6% turned into food for direct consumption by humans" [33]

Change is Coming:

Website text:

"One of the most effective ways that individuals can contribute is by donating to impactful environmental charities"[34]

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