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Although we are in the midst of a climate disaster, it is not yet too late to prevent the collapse of life on earth and to save millions of species from extinction. Change is coming, but we have the power to influence this change – either embrace and advocate for the changes required to transition to a more sustainable way of life, or adapt to life in an increasingly unstable climate. Through our individual actions, we can begin to reverse the decades of damage that we have inflicted on our planet, and by electing leaders committed to tackling the climate crisis, we can prevent our world from reaching the point of no return.

Research has shown that although making changes to our everyday lives – such as reducing meat and dairy consumption, reducing travel and switching to green energy suppliers – can all help to tackle the climate disaster, one of the most effective ways that individuals can contribute is by donating to impactful environmental charities.[34]


50% of profits from this album will be donated to two of the charities that have been shown to be most effective at tackling climate change: Clean Air Task Force and Coalition for Rainforest Nations. I would encourage you to consider donating to these charities if you have the means to. 

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